Victoria Bea - HIS OWN, Prophetic Worship Artist

Victoria is a worshiper of Jesus, she is HIS OWN.
She has dedicated her life to Jesus Christ, her Savior and Lord of her life. She is passionate about the heart of Jesus, Delights to Live HIS heart.
With delight, Prophetic Worship Artist, Writer, Composer, CG designer, Animator, Compositor. She is a versatile artist, ranging from Classical Realism to Abstract Art, from Line drawing to 3D Relief, from Traditional painting to CG painting, from penciling to Animation. The Artist works in different media, Oil paints, Water colors, Acrylic colors, Pastels, Carbon pencils, Color pencils, Graphite, Clay, CG painting, Motion Graphics, CGI Animation.
Victoria has graduated in Applied Arts, Certified in Print media, CGI Animation & Post Production, Her paintings, designs, animations, writings are derived from visions, dreams, revelations received from The Creator God. The Living WORD of God is her inspiration, the very core of her work.
Victoria loves to Worship Jesus, sing to Jesus, loves to Read Bible, Write articles to Empower, Encourage, and Propel one into God's plans for them. She relentlessly teaches heavenly principles emphasizing scriptural walk of Lifestyle. she constantly speaks blessings, she considers it important to bless. to help walk in God's plan for each one. She emphasizes that HIS thoughts are always Higher & Beautiful, that Intimacy with Jesus is Super Important.
She believes in growing continually, never stop growing, to keep digging into God's heart, walk into God-given dreams/plans, its never too late ! Explore !! Occasionally, she Sculpts miniatures, designs Apparels for kids & young girls, with Holiness in mind, Practices Classical music on her piano, with Jesus !!
Intimacy with the Living God, empowers her, strengthens her, upholds her, propels her, inspires her, enables her to abide in Jesus, TO DO HIS Heart.
Progressing, being productive consciously, is her delight, its a continual Joy, she thoroughly enjoys her journey with Jesus, its heaven on earth. His Love is relentless. "Glorify God in Everything I do!" is the Motto of her life. "IN HIS GLORY, FOR HIS GLORY" is the way of her life. Glory to Jesus.

Artist Statement

"My Art is an expression of my intimacy with the Creator GOD Himself"
I put all my heart and soul to produce quality art & designs, from HIS heart, for HIS Glory.
My prayer for you is that, God-given dreams for you, revive & manifest according to HIS plan for you, that you receive breakthroughs, heavenly solutions to accomplish HIS purpose for you.
Its my honor to produce "HIS Message-oriented" art & designs, that empowers, uplifts, encourages, showing light in a dark hopeless situation, art that brightens your day, your home, your office, that bring blessings to your lives.
Its my delight to share my journey towards touching the heart of the Creator GOD HIMSELF. I pray that you experience HIS Great Love & Superabounding Grace, as you view my Paintings and Designs. God Bless you.

Victoria BEA